Welcome to the VTSS “for divisions” page. Below you will find the materials provided at our state-level trainings for division leadership teams.


From Starting to Sustaining:
Implementation Planning to Support an Effective Tiered System

General Sessions

Information and materials for General Session

Strand 1: Data Driven Decision Making

The Data Driven Decision Making strand practices the processes in Session 1 by applying that process to a current issue within a school division. While doing such, focus is placed on the selection of evidence based practices to address identified needs.

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Strand 2: Academic Alignment

The Integrating and Aligning Academic Data, Practices and Systems strand begins by focusing on assessment mapping and the use of a data dashboard. Working through information on progress monitoring tools and evidence-based interventions, time is given to view selection tools online. In addition, strategies are presented from SIM trainers specifically designed for secondary students. Combining this knowledge, further dialogue will include creating decision rules and progress monitoring for all Tiers.

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Strand 3: Authentic Engagement

Strand 3: Authentic Engagement teaches attendees to continue the book study of Engage Every Family by Steven Constantino, with a focus on specific strategies that will increase the likelihood of positive interactions between families and the school. Participants review international data on student social-emotional well being and identify culturally responsive practices that will increase their students’ sense of belonging in the school community.

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