Tier I Resources

Materials in this collection support the implementation of evidence-based instruction and academic and behavior supports for all students.

Tier 1 Forums

Tier 1 Forums are hosted each summer by the VDOE in several locations around the Commonwealth. The focus is on developing a system of core instructional practices that are implemented with all students and have a likelihood of successful outcomes. When implemented with fidelity, these practices should effectively minimize the amount of targeted and individualized instruction necessary, which in turn makes advanced tier supports more manageable to resource. Initial implementers begin here.

More about the 2020 Tier 1 Forums

Materials from the 2019 Tier 1 Forums

Data-informed Decision Making training

Materials from the Data-informed Decision Making training

Effective Classroom Systems

Effective Classrooms Systems is designed for division and school leadership to develop a system for the data collection, professional learning, and coaching needed at the division and school level in order to promote the sustained focus on the use of effective classroom practices. Classroom practices are those strategies essential to effective instruction and include:

  • arranging the physical environment,
  • active supervision,
  • classroom expectations aligned with school-wide expectations,
  • routines and procedures for academics and behavior,
  • opportunities to respond,
  • formative assessment,
  • scaffolding,
  • acknowledgement and behavior specific praise,
  • error correction, and
  • building community with feedback.

Learning Intentions

  • Apply implementation of the ten VTSS practices to their context including a demonstrated understanding of common errors .
  • Develop a plan for the data collection, professional learning and coaching needed at the school and division level in order to promote the use of effective classroom practices.
  • Assist others in their understanding of the connection of these foundational practices to equitable classroom systems to promote high achievement for all learners.

Information and materials for 2020 Effective Classroom Systems training (password-protected)

Defusing Disruptive Behaviors

Anchored to core features of the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) and reflective of the effective responses flowchart, Defusing Disruptive Behavior focuses on understanding the behaviors of students who struggle in school. Division- and school-based leadership teams and selected teacher leaders will learn to support students more effectively in the classroom through the use of evidence-based strategies.

Materials from the Defusing Disruptive Behaviors training