The training materials used during the four strands of trainings at the 2019 Tier 1 Forums are listed by learning strand.

State-wide Tier 1 Forum training will be conducted twice in 2019. For information on lodging and agenda for your preferred strand, please visit the event pages for the June 18-20 training or the July 30-August 1 training.

Tier 1 Forum

Strand 1 – New Team Training

VTSS Tier I New Team Training focuses on behavior, academics, and social emotional well-being. Research shows that starting this work with a lens on behavior allows teachers and administrators to spend less time on discipline. At this event, your team will begin building your behavior curriculum and more. It is important that all school team members attend all three days.


Strand 2 – Booster Session with Trauma Enhancement

This three-day event is designed for those school teams and division support personnel who have already attended the Tier 1 professional learning for new teams, have had experience implementing Tier 1 behavior practices, and believe that trauma-sensitive schools is a priority. Using a function-based lens for implementation, participants of this workshop will recognize how a school may incorporate trauma-sensitive practices at the Tier 1 level in data-informed decision making, professional development, family and community engagement, behavioral expectations, routines and procedures as well as feedback and acknowledgement.


Strand 3 – Booster Session with Equity & Cultural Enhancement

This past February, Virginia’s superintendent Dr. James Lane recognized the urgent need for Virginia’s schools to become areas of discourse on equity and racism. As educators, we must examine our practices, policies, and behaviors and ask ourselves – Does this serve and support our most marginalized populations and if not, what are we going to do about it?

This three-day workshop for educators will begin delving into these difficult questions utilizing the already established VTSS framework and PBIS structures to explore equity, analyze current challenges and barriers, and action plan further steps. PBIS team members, administrators, equity coordinators, and division staff are invited and encouraged to attend. Let’s work together to build a school culture in which everyone is heard, valued, and empowered.


Strand 4 – Academic Training

The Academic TFI is where divisions and schools can access new information and ideas connected to quality core instruction. Expect to focus on:

  • How academic teams can use data for decision-making,
  • Ways to plan instruction and include all components of effective lessons,
  • How to deliver engaging lessons and instruction so students participate, and
  • Means of coaching around these areas to better assist in fidelity of implementation.

The Academic TFI will provide ideas for elementary, middle, and high school levels.

More materials will be provided on site via thumb drive.