Tips for Administrators

Tips for Administrators – Post

  • Send a clear message that you believe in and support the approach. 
  • Give the big picture to the staff of what it will look like. So if you are starting with PBIS explain how academics are currently being address and how the RTI/Academic part will use many of the same structures and principles as it comes together.  Explain how this framework can help meet students’ social and emotional needs. It is a flexible approach that can be used for everything from attendance issues to incorporation of social/emotional learning and trauma sensitive schools.
  • Take an active role in implementing the program. Join the team for meetings or be part of the team if possible.  Be a champion of your VTSS team and the framework.
  • Take an active role in student recognition particularly in PBIS. This will be good for your moral, but also will send the message to staff and to students that the work is important, that you are involved,  and that you care about their success.
  • Be the point person for letting you parents and community learn about your new way of doing business. Help them understand what the school is doing. 
  • Make the initiative visual. Let people see it. This is an advantage for working on PBIS first. Posters, recognition, matrix, direct and explicit instructions on behavior and expectations shows a commitment and will allow staff and students to see it in action. 
  • Review the data showing the need to address the problem. Again, with PBIS,  you can look at discipline data and show a need to reduce disproportionately and improve behavior. All teachers want improved student behavior so it is an easy sell.
  • Share the research to demonstrate when properly implemented how it can help the school. Explain why evidence based practices are so critical.  
  • Make sure your team is representative of the staff and includes respected people that the staff values and trusts. Emphasize teamwork rather than having a small group to do the work. Have those people solicit feedback from the grade level teams or departments.
  • Provide data based updates.
  • Recognize those staff members who are displaying buy in. 
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